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The End of Minitel

I didn’t even know about it. A precursor of the Internet, sort of, launched in 1982 using standard telephone lines, it once had 25 million users in France but remained unknown outside. Now, it’s getting shut down.


2 responses to “The End of Minitel

  1. Daniel June 30, 2012 at 19:08

    Its German counterpart was BTS (Bildschirmtext), which was already shut down in 2001. In Switzerland, we had Videotex, closed in 2000. None of them were as successful as Minitel, which is why it survived more than 10 years longer.

    But these precursors to the World Wide Web are probably another example of there rarely ever being anything new under the sun. I guess the only reason they were not more wide-spread is that they were prohibitively expensive for home use. All I ever knew about at the time was the one-way (but free and ubiquitous) Teletext.

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