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IMSAI went bankrupt in October 1979, and the trademark was bought by the Fisher-Freitas Corporation which firms in this ad. The text “Thinking ahead for the 80’s” probably indicates that the 80s had not yet started when it was printed, so it is most likely from late 1979.

The advertised machine is a PCS, the successor to the better known 8080 (Matthew Broderick’s character in WarGames had one of these), more specifically a PCS-4X (40, 42, or 44), which had dual built-in floppy drives. The 8-bit processor would have been an Intel 8085, the optional 16-bit processor probably an 8086 or 8088.

The PCS came in several flavors, here are numerous photos of an 80/30, which had a small built-in monitor instead of the floppy drives.


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