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Posters, Color Schemes, and Web Design

Studies conducted by various advertising companies in the mid-20th century established the following hierarchy of color schemes for posters:

  1. Black on yellow
  2. Green on white
  3. Red on white
  4. Blue on white
  5. White on blue
  6. Black on white
  7. Yellow on black
  8. White on red
  9. White on green
  10. White on black
  11. Red on yellow
  12. Green on red
  13. Red on green

This is probably interesting for web design as well, though I don’t think that it can be applied 1:1. It’s interesting that black and white, either way round, isn’t really such a good color scheme. I’m gonna experiment a bit with these data.


2 responses to “Posters, Color Schemes, and Web Design

  1. Kyle August 7, 2012 at 22:19

    I would like to know what criteria were used, and how they were measured. Could you provide links to any of the studies?

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