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Katharsis was an ambitious project, one of the last commercial DOS games when they were already a dying breed. Developer Metropolis announced it as

A next-generation arcade shoot’em-up with spectacular hi-resolution SVGA graphics, 3D texture-mapped Phong-shaded ships, rendered and animated backgrounds, eye-popping fluid scrolling and freedom of movement, multiple real-time light sources, original game plot and intelligent enemies, including giantic megabosses.

Yes, it sported high resolution (640×480) graphics when shooters like Nebula Fighter or Stargunner still ran in 320×240. Gameplay was uncommon too, instead of just staying alive and reaching the next level the goal was to keep a defenseless “Superbomb” alive. An interesting game, but it isn’t widely known. You can download the “shareware demo” and try it out.


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