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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Some Tumblr Themes

The Tumblr Theme Garden is huge, and unlike its WordPress counterpart not tagged by feature. Here are a couple of themes that I found useful. The things I look out for in a theme are:

  • Tags should display on listings, not just on the posts themselves. Otherwise your blog will be difficult to navigate.
  • The short URL should be displayed somewhere. It is sufficient if it is displayed on the posts, but if the theme does not display it, it isn’t accessible at all.
  • The theme should handle long tag lists well.
  • It should load fast and without problems. For this reason I generally prefer themes that do not show the high-resolution images immediately.
  • It should display cover images for audio posts, ideally at a fixed size. This is of course only relevant if the blog will have audio posts.
  • Ideally, it should display “next post” and “previous post” links.

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