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A Gaming PC in 1996

In his PC game guide, which gravitates very strongly towards Windows games, Hendric Wehr gives the following recommendations for a gaming PC:

  • A Pentium 133, better 166. The 166 is still a lot more expensive, but prices are going down. The Pentium 200 is too expensive, and even the newest games can’t utilize its power.
  • 32MB RAM. RAM is cheaper than ever, 32MB cost about 300 German Mark.
  • 2GB is the ideal size for the harddrive. Most PCs at the time are sold with a 1.2GB drive. He advises against a second harddrive, since many models are incompatible.
  • The faster the CD-ROM drive, the better, but within reason: Quad-speed is the minimum, but games don’t support more than 8×, so a 12× like Toshiba’s XM3801 B is a waste of money. For about 120 German Mark you get a very robust 6× drive.
  • 14″ and 15″ monitors belong into the museum, 17″ is ideal for gaming. For about 1500 German Mark the Sony 17 sf II offers everything you expect from a monitor. There are others that sell for less, just take care that it can display your resolution of choice (the maximum ever mentioned is 1024×768) at 72Hz and that it is low on radiation.
  • The video card should have at least 2MB. Many recent games won’t install if they find only a 1MB card.
  • Most important about the soundcard is that it supports Plug & Play.

Hendric Wehr then discusses several models of speakers, joysticks and VR helmets. He never mentions 3D accelerators.


One response to “A Gaming PC in 1996

  1. ECM December 25, 2012 at 18:43

    I got my first 3D Accelerator in 96 (Diamond Viper, I believe)–they had basically arrived in mid-96, iirc.

    (I read stuff like this and remember when a 20MB HDD was mind-blowing…then I feel old.)

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