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Wyse Technology WY-700

InfoWorld reports on November 11, 1985, that terminal maker Wyse is entering the PC market with the WY-700, a monitor and graphics board subset that can display 1280×800 on a white-phosphor screen. In standard text mode, characters are 16×32 pixels, the maximum text resolution is 50 lines of 160 characters. The WY-700 is fully compatible with CGA, color programs are displayed as four grayscales. The price is a very low $1,595. In comparison, the Quadram Quadscreen costs $400 more, but its resolution is only 968×512, and it does not support standard IBM software.


2 responses to “Wyse Technology WY-700

  1. John Elliott February 9, 2013 at 14:19

    I’ve documented what I’ve been able to discover about this card here:

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