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A Tumblr for Download Central

A week ago I started a Tumblr for Download Central. Meanwhile it has 24 posts and is quite presentable, so I’m presenting it here.

I made it mainly as an easy way for people who are on Tumblr to follow the updates on Download Central. I post every new upload as a photo post, usually with the original screenshot, in some rare cases I resize it to 4:3. New lists or sections are posted as a link.

But besides, I intend it to grow into a sort of database. In between the updates, I post older files too. I tag each post rather extensively, basically most of what I write into the “Steckbrief” on the site itself. It will take some time, but in a couple of months most of the site should be covered.

Update 2013-01-16: The Tumblr has been deleted, not sure by whom, not sure why, but it’s gone.


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