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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Does Google hate MobyGames?

Whenever I google the name of a game, among the top results there will be the Wikipedia entry (though Wikipedia is a lousy resource when it comes to games), the official website, if there is one, or a Facebook page or Twitter account, a specialized wiki, if there is one, maybe some newspaper articles, even the IMDb entry. But not MobyGames. If I want to go to the MobyGames entry, I have to add it to the search terms.

What’s going on here? After all, MobyGames is still the prime resource when it comes to games.


Download Central on the WayBack Machine

I just checked whether Download Central has been archived on the WayBack Machine, and yes, it has…There are fifteen captures, the oldest one from October 2010. Back then I had 153 games: 67 DOS games, 74 Windows 3.1 games, 12 Windows 95 games. It sure has grown since then…

Search Boxes for Download Central

After demure deliberation I have come to the conclusion that there is just no way to add search boxes to all the pages of Download Central without editing the HTML itself, so that’s what I’ve done now. Re-uploading the whole site would be too complicated. I have done that with the twenty or so visited pages. Otherwise, every new addition will have a search box, as well as the pages before and after it in alphabet. It should take about three months for the whole site.

“The door or cover must be closed to print”

I recently bought an HP Deskjet 1050, a combined inkjet printer and scanner. I inserted the cartridges, but it wouldn’t print. It always gave me the error message “the door or cover must be closed to print” though, it seemed to me, the door was firmly closed.

After googling a bit I found the solution. What I had closed was the output tray, which has to be open for printing. The actual door is inside. In my model, the output tray is anthracite like the rest of the case, while the door is a light gray.

I’m posting this here just in the hope that someone with the same problem will know what to do.