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Download Central on the WayBack Machine

I just checked whether Download Central has been archived on the WayBack Machine, and yes, it has…There are fifteen captures, the oldest one from October 2010. Back then I had 153 games: 67 DOS games, 74 Windows 3.1 games, 12 Windows 95 games. It sure has grown since then…


2 responses to “Download Central on the WayBack Machine

  1. Just a guy February 18, 2013 at 07:25

    Sorry if I missed something obvious, but do you have a public email or other method of contact by which I could ask you some things not specifically pertaining to your blog or Download Central? I have a few inquiries about some details on the page you put up for Warp Power’s “Alchemist” several years back. I mean, I’m just as fine asking them here if that’s okay, but I wasn’t sure what the best way to pick your brain was.

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