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Snakes and PCs in Norway

Recently I uploaded Tom Kristensen’s Snake to Download Central and noticed that it’s already the fourth Snake implementation from Norway. Since there are currently only 21 Snake games, that is quite remarkable.

Another thing that I noticed is that development for the PC seems to have started earlier than in most other European countries. The newly uploaded Snake is from 1984, as is Roar A. Lauritzsen’s. Ivar Gundersen’s Yatzy is from 1985.

In comparison, the oldest British PC game currently on Download Central is Rimtrix (1988), the oldest French PC game Popcorn (1988), and the oldes German PC game Tet42 (1989). Then I remembered that Magnus Itland wrote, more than ten years ago:

Norway is the most Americanized country this side of the big pond. We eat lots of Big Macs and Whopper Cheese and drink lots of Coca Cola and Pepsi. We have more American PCs and visit more American Internet sites. And we have ca the same GDP and the same density of PCs and Internet access as the USA, too.

So I guess it figures.


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