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I’m selling a Roland MT-32 on eBay

Years ago, I bought two Roland MT-32s. Now I’ve finally decided which one to keep and put the other one on eBay. It’s a first generation one, the serial number is 840068.

The metal parts of the case are somewhat scratched, the plastic part around the volume control a bit rubbed. This is not uncommon, these devices were often originally owned by musicians, not gamers, and may have been taken on tour. The rubber feet are missing and should be replaced, since the module now rests on some screws and will scratch any surface it sits on.

I’m selling it without a power supply, since I have only one of these. That shouldn’t be a problem. It seems that power supplies are mostly interchangeable between Roland devices, and are still sold. I found prices around $8 for the USA, £10 for the UK, €18 for continental Europe, all on eBay.

A first generation MT-32 is the best choice for most American games at least up to around 1992. Dune II still sounds better on it. For British games, an LAPC-I or CM-32L is usually the better choice.

I’m selling some other computer stuff as well and will sell more in the next time. You might want to keep an eye on it.

Post-auction update: It went up to €80.


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