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The Growing Web

The web grows a lot faster than the Internet itself, at least if you measure the Internet by the number of people connected to it and the WWW by the number of results from a Google search. According to Pingdom, there were 361 million Internet users in 2000, and not quite two billion in 2010, more than five times as many. Internet World Stats, the number was 2.4 billion in mid 2012.

Now I came across an old page of mine, from mid 2002, where I had written:

It is astonishing how many websites contain the words “dumb” or “stupid” in their titles or are otherwise devoted to proclaiming that some third party fits either description. A Google search for “stupid” returned 4.5 million pages. Combining it with “dumb” reduced the number to half a million, still more than, for example, surrealism (158.000), LAN party (100.000), or Ian Fleming (30.700).

I decided to repeat these searches now, and got the following results:

  • Stupid: 230,000,000
  • Stupid+dumb: 97,700,000
  • Surrealism: 7,380,000
  • LAN party: 17,700,000
  • Ian Fleming: 6,590,000

While the number of Internet users has increased less than seven times in thirteen years, the number of Google results has increased between 50 and 200 times in eleven years.

And stupid is still a big topic.


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