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Is anybody interested in buying Download Central?

I’m seriously considering selling it. If you’re interested, comment on this post, and I’ll contact you.


I’m selling a Roland MT-32 on eBay

Years ago, I bought two Roland MT-32s. Now I’ve finally decided which one to keep and put the other one on eBay. It’s a first generation one, the serial number is 840068.

The metal parts of the case are somewhat scratched, the plastic part around the volume control a bit rubbed. This is not uncommon, these devices were often originally owned by musicians, not gamers, and may have been taken on tour. The rubber feet are missing and should be replaced, since the module now rests on some screws and will scratch any surface it sits on.

I’m selling it without a power supply, since I have only one of these. That shouldn’t be a problem. It seems that power supplies are mostly interchangeable between Roland devices, and are still sold. I found prices around $8 for the USA, £10 for the UK, €18 for continental Europe, all on eBay.

A first generation MT-32 is the best choice for most American games at least up to around 1992. Dune II still sounds better on it. For British games, an LAPC-I or CM-32L is usually the better choice.

I’m selling some other computer stuff as well and will sell more in the next time. You might want to keep an eye on it.

Post-auction update: It went up to €80.

Download Central on the WayBack Machine

I just checked whether Download Central has been archived on the WayBack Machine, and yes, it has…There are fifteen captures, the oldest one from October 2010. Back then I had 153 games: 67 DOS games, 74 Windows 3.1 games, 12 Windows 95 games. It sure has grown since then…

Search Boxes for Download Central

After demure deliberation I have come to the conclusion that there is just no way to add search boxes to all the pages of Download Central without editing the HTML itself, so that’s what I’ve done now. Re-uploading the whole site would be too complicated. I have done that with the twenty or so visited pages. Otherwise, every new addition will have a search box, as well as the pages before and after it in alphabet. It should take about three months for the whole site.

“The door or cover must be closed to print”

I recently bought an HP Deskjet 1050, a combined inkjet printer and scanner. I inserted the cartridges, but it wouldn’t print. It always gave me the error message “the door or cover must be closed to print” though, it seemed to me, the door was firmly closed.

After googling a bit I found the solution. What I had closed was the output tray, which has to be open for printing. The actual door is inside. In my model, the output tray is anthracite like the rest of the case, while the door is a light gray.

I’m posting this here just in the hope that someone with the same problem will know what to do.

German Model Railroading Epochs

German model railroaders have long divided railroading history into several epochs, with Roman numerals. While these epochs are, naturally, based on the German timeline, they are applicable to wide parts of Europe.

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The Tumblr is Gone

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the Tumblr for Download Central, that I announced in the previous post, is suddenly gone. I didn’t delete it. I was notified by Tumblr that there were strange goings-on in my account, and prompted to change my password, which I did. Should someone actually have hacked the account and deleted the Tumblr? It seems rather silly.

I can’t simply start it again at the same URL, it is blocked now, and in any case all the posts would be gone. I’m not sure if I will take steps to restore it. For now, it’s gone.

A Tumblr for Download Central

A week ago I started a Tumblr for Download Central. Meanwhile it has 24 posts and is quite presentable, so I’m presenting it here.

I made it mainly as an easy way for people who are on Tumblr to follow the updates on Download Central. I post every new upload as a photo post, usually with the original screenshot, in some rare cases I resize it to 4:3. New lists or sections are posted as a link.

But besides, I intend it to grow into a sort of database. In between the updates, I post older files too. I tag each post rather extensively, basically most of what I write into the “Steckbrief” on the site itself. It will take some time, but in a couple of months most of the site should be covered.

Update 2013-01-16: The Tumblr has been deleted, not sure by whom, not sure why, but it’s gone.

That Year 1996…

I just checked: The year with the highest number of files on Download Central is 1996. A site search for “Year: 1996” brought 224 results. It goes down in both directions from there.

Brushing up Download Central

Those of you who are following me on Twitter or are still subscribed to the RSS will already have noticed: I’ve started updating Download Central again. So far, there are three new games:

Besides, you can now download the full version of 5X. When I visited the Speed-Strip website I noticed they no longer sell the game, but offer the full version for download. I’ve removed the Windows installer, the game doesn’t run well under XP anyway, play it in DOSBox.

There are three new “game concept” pages, for Pac-Man, Paratrooper, and SameGame, and there is, finally, a site search. At the moment, there is only one search box on the whole site, on the home page. I have a little problem here: I have a few positions where I can put something on every page site-wide, but unfortunately none of them is really well fit for a search box. I’ll come up with something, but it might take a bit.

Finally, I have started a Tumblr especially for Download Central. It will mainly serve to announce updates, but it should also grow into a searchable database over time, something that is difficult for me to implement on the site itself.