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Tumblr Dislikes Firefox

Tumblr supports Chrome a lot better than it supports Firefox. When they introduce a new feature, or change something, it usually works in Chrome from the beginning, but may take quite some time till it works in Firefox. Such was the case, for example, with the new editor introduced earlier this year.

Now there’s something especially weird. The Esquire theme (I use it for Vivat Crescat Floreat, Thirteen to Fifty, and The Latin World) shows an ugly anthracite bar at the top of the pageā€”in Firefox, but not in Chrome.


Tumblr, a new take on the Web

I’m getting increasingly fascinated with Tumblr. It’s more than just one new service, and it isn’t sufficiently described as a microblogging platform.

The way the web worked for the first ten, fifteen years was with individual webspace. Initially, it was typically a few megabyte you got from your university, your ISP, or some free host. Later, commercial hosting became more common. It doesn’t make much difference. You had some space, you put things in. Inlining images from another server was technically never a problem, but soon became frowned upon: Bandwidth theft. Webmasters linked to each other. Over time, surfers relied more and more on search engines to find what they wanted. The rise of CMS and blogging software didn’t change much. The system was still the same.

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A short history of microblogging

Like most relevant things, microblogging was not thought out, it was just done. It is really the invention of Christian Neukirchen, who likes math, Unix, minimalism and the Internet. In March 2005 he started an experimental blog, Anarchaia:

Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin’ (think obstsalat)

The first link, or at least the bottom link of the first day, was transparent screens on flickr. A Ruby programmer who used the handle why the lucky stiff coined the word “tumblelog” when he sort of reviewed Anarchaia on his meanwhile defunct blog RedHanded.

Twitter was founded in March 2006. Tumblr in April 2007.