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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Arachne has been updated again

After a hiatus of two years, there is a new version of the Arachne web browser again, 1.97. I’m not sure what is new, it seems that only the CORE.EXE was updated, but there’s no new readme. You can get it here.


Shadowrun Returns

It’s been years since I wanted to play a game that’s in development. Now here’s one.

Using characters as list markers in HTML

This isn’t supported officially. Going back to CSS1, images can be set as list markers, and all kinds of numbering styles can be chosen, but picking a character as marker of an unordered list isn’t part of the specs. Pity, there are nice characters in UTF for this purpose, like this one:

The workaround that I found is to set the list-style-type to “none”, and then prefix the character to the list items with the content property, like this:

ul {list-style-type: none;}
ul li:before {content: "☞";}

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly make it display like a list marker either. This can be done in a not very elegant way by setting a negative margin:

ul {list-style-type: none;}
ul li:before {content: "☞"; margin-left: -1.2em;}

I found that 1.2 em works near perfectly for this specific character. For other characters, you’ll have to experiment.