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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Trynton, a city suspended in air

Easily the most impressive location in Wizardry 8 is Trynton, a city built on top of a huge tree, most of it suspended in air by ropes. As with most 3D graphics, a screenshot can’t really convey the feeling you get when you’re actually moving through the environment.

A city suspended in air


The Siege of Avalon inventory

I have never played a graphical RPG with as many equipment slots as Siege of Avalon. Well, Ragnarok is, strictly speaking, a graphical RPG, but in Ragnorok your hero’s appearance does not change with the clothes and armor he wears. In Siege of Avalon, your hero’s appearance changes a lot, since the game even takes into account which piece of equipment is worn on top of which, and there are multiple graphics for most or maybe even all items. And the background graphic, reminiscent of an old drawing, looks good too!

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Jo Guest, video game babe

No glamour model has ever been as closely associated with video games as Joanne Guest. Born 1972, she entered professional modelling around 1992 and became the sex symbol of the New Lads after she was featured in Loaded magazine. From 1995 to around 1997, this magazine seemed to circle mostly around her.

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Mobile devices bring back simple web design

There was a time when web sites became huge, sprawling, multi-column things. They looked like a newspaper. Nearly all sites created with Joomla do. Joomla was first introduced 2005, the time when desktop sizes increased radically and fast. A few years earlier, 1024×768 had been something like the standard resolution.

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Themes and how the Web has changed

Writing on WordPress is in many ways similar to writing HTML 1.0. The amount of markup you use is about the same. Paragraph breaks, headers, lists, blockquotes are at your disposal. You have fewer types of lists than early HTML had, you don’t have the address tag, but you can add a caption to an image. Your options are slightly different, the amount of options is about the same. The rest—the actual layout—is done by the theme.

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Lightning strikes in Seven Kingdoms II

A Thunderstorm in Seven Kingdoms II

Thunderstorms are pretty impressive in Seven Kingdoms II, and they can damage your buildings. Click on the image for full size.

I’m not tweeting Tumblr

Adding an avatar to my Tumblr account, I noticed that Tumblr, too, has the option of publicizing via Twitter. I’ve disabled this. I think I’m shooting out enough tweets as-is.

What I’m really missing in WordPress

One feature I’m really missing in WordPress is the ability to give an introduction or description to categories and tags. Yes, I can add a short description, and some themes will display it as a tooltip on the link. What I would like is a sort of “about” page, either a page or post that is displayed on top of the post list, or a “sticky” function within a given category or tag, so that one post will always be on top of the list.

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Tumblr tags must not contain hyphens

Spaces are okay, so are accents and other diacritical marks on the letters, but if a tag term contains a hyphen, clicking on it will return the message “The URL you requested could not be found.”

The Clocktower nears completion

The Clocktower will soon be finished (Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom)