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Tumblr Dislikes Firefox

Tumblr supports Chrome a lot better than it supports Firefox. When they introduce a new feature, or change something, it usually works in Chrome from the beginning, but may take quite some time till it works in Firefox. Such was the case, for example, with the new editor introduced earlier this year.

Now there’s something especially weird. The Esquire theme (I use it for Vivat Crescat Floreat, Thirteen to Fifty, and The Latin World) shows an ugly anthracite bar at the top of the pageā€”in Firefox, but not in Chrome.


MSIE users download more than Firefox users

I just finished my Download Central stats for October and noticed that 44% of the downloads are made with Internet Explorer (29.7% with Firefox), but 37.5% of the pages are viewed in Firefox (31.3% in Internet Explorer). A study about the connection between the way people use the web and the type of browser they use would definitely be interesting.

Doesn’t Firefox have a cache?

I just noticed that when you save an image from Firefox, the browser doesn’t just copy the already downloaded image to the destination of your choice, it downloads the image again. I noticed because I was on a chan where remote linking is prohibited, and images (naturally) open in a new tab. When I tried to download an opened picture I would get the “no hotlinking” image instead. I had to download from the thread link.

This is annoying on several levels, it’s a waste of bandwidth, a waste of time, and it makes it practically impossible to download a picture that has expired, I’d have to take a screenshot, which is silly. I already knew that Firefox always re-fetches a page when you use the back button, but I didn’t know about the image thing.

I think I’ve been using Firefox for six years now, since 1.0.6 or something like that, and I like it for its many often very useful add-ons, but slowly I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be time to look for another browser, one that uses its cache properly.

Flash Player, Google Chrome, and ads

This is strange. After a routine update of Firefox, I had to install Flash Player again. To my astonishment, this installed Google Chrome as well, without ever asking me (or maybe I overlooked it).

While I wouldn’t have installed Google Chrome on my own, once I had it, of course I checked some of my sites in it, including this blog. I found that on most of my posts there is an advertisement when I view them in Chrome, but not when I view them in Firefox. Same goes for No Fanbois Allowed. Then I counter-checked with Internet Explorer: Yes, ads too. Firefox seems to be the only one not to display them.